For Sale: Jessen Farm, Nebraska


The ranch contains 1,627 deeded sections of land of focus rotate flooded cropland ( under 13 focus turns), 6,853 deeded sections of land of dry cropland including 31 sections of land of building locales. There are 3 homes, 4 expansive metal structures, various grain storerooms that hold more than 380,000 bushels, utility sheds and that’s just the beginning. The rented ground comprises of 780 sections of land of rented inundated ground under 6 turns and 3060 sections of land of rented dryland.

Property Description

The Jessen Farm of Western Nebraska is an exceptionally profitable 12,320 section of land flooded and dryland cultivate containing 8,480 deeded sections of land in addition to 3,840 school arrive rented sections of land. Situated in Perkins and Chase County close Grant, Nebraska, is the absolute most profoundly looked for after farmland in the Midwest. Great water, amazing soils and great access to business sectors makes this an exceptionally uncommon advertising.


There are five building destinations on the Jessen cultivate. The base camp highlights a “home place” second to none in the zone. It is found 1 mile west of Grant, Nebraska and highlights a delightful custom fabricated home with four auto connected carport and a metal shop building, which would be extremely great anyplace in cultivate nation. Driving into the base camp and to the shop and carport is an uncommon dark stone garage produced using rock imported from Texas.

The central station is situated in part of the NW 1/4 of Section 15, T10N, R39W, Perkins County. The custom home is a solitary level 2,891 SF home inherent 2010. The outside is block, stucco, and more than 12″ ICF solid dividers with Heritage black-top shingles. All windows and most entryways are Pella mark. The house has geo warm warming and cooling which originates from plastic curls in the 12′ profound lake in back yard. The inside comprises of cover and fired tile flooring with painted dry divider. Rooms incorporate a main room with washroom and stroll in storage room, 2 rooms, office, kitchen, lounge area, front room and 1.5 restrooms. The inside dividers are made of 2″x6″ development and are 12′ to 14′ high. Different pleasantries of the home incorporate knotty birch trim and cabinetry, rock ledges in the kitchen, chimney in the family room, and roof mounted encompass sound speakers in the house and porch. Barring the restrooms, there are huge divider mounted TV screens in each room of the house, including the carport and the yard. The cupboards, machines, and sinks in the kitchen are best in class. There is a 649′ ft yard on the east side of the home by the lake. From this yard you have a dynamite perspective of the encompassing fields and wide open.


Tracts of ranch ground are situated inside a 15 minute locale and incorporate amazing turns, water and closeness to five grain lifts on the railroad, which give aggressive offers for grain. The zone additionally has a few feedlots to where you can contract silage, roughage and grain. There is an ethanol plant at Madrid that additionally purchases corn. These lifts and feedlots are in a thirty-five mile range of the homestead. This zone is likewise an astounding region to set up a steers bolstering activity. You could develop your own silage, roughage and grain to encourage your own particular cows or begin a custom bolstering activity. You can purchase wet distillers grain from the Madrid ethanol plant. The homestead is midway situated between three noteworthy meat pressing plants.

This region of Nebraska raises a few million bushels of grain every year and the nearby area to business sectors make this a perfect area to sustain dairy cattle. The Jessen Farm as of now offers 5,000 tons of dry issue every year to the Oshkosh Dairy Heifer Development at Oshkosh, Nebraska. Northwest of Imperial, Nebraska or 20 miles south of the Headquarters there is a 7,000 head natural Dairy being constructed. There is an arrangement to grow this activity later on. This ranch likewise can possibly be changed over into a natural homestead task. With profound rich soils, nearby access to fertilizer and manure, great water system and great precipitation this ranch is exceptionally suited for organics.

“The Jessen Farm is extraordinary compared to other tasks I have ever observed. Its property keeps running from Northwest Chase County to Western Perkins County. It is contained level dryland and quality inundated fields. It is nearly wheat gather time, and the products are a portion of the best I have seen. The enhancements are fit as a fiddle and the greater part of the apparatus is perfect and the activity is extremely well run.”


The 36’x60′ (2,160′ ft) joined carport has four electric overhead entryways, 12″ ICF solid dividers, full bond floor, custom-manufactured cabinetry, completed, warmed and cooled geo thermally. The bond garage in the front of the house can be warmed geo thermally to soften ice and snow. All the furniture, apparatuses, dishes, and flatware remain with the home. The proprietors are just taking their garments and some individual pictures. This home comes completely outfitted and prepared. It is prepared for the new proprietors to move in.

There is 84’x100′ Chief metal shop building worked in 2010. It has full solid floor, bright lights and roof fans, floor deplete, 110 and 220 volt electrical administration, washroom, warmed and cooled geo thermally, and protected. It has two 20’x14′ high electric overhead entryways in the south divider and a 20’x14′ high electric overhead entryway in the west divider. This building is set up for two RV hookups inside the shop and one outside. These hookups are finished with water, sewer, and power. There are concrete smocks before the carport entryways. The carport and zone before the shop is secured with 3/4 inch squashed dark marble shake. This shop is completely furnished with instruments and supplies which run with the homestead. This home and shop are cutting edge, and head and shoulders above what you will discover on most ranch properties. A considerable measure of time, cash, detail, and exertion went into arranging and building this house and shop. You truly need to see this place for yourself to have the capacity to value all the workmanship that went into building this place.

The second site is situated in the SW 1/4 of Section 3, T10N, R40W, Perkins County. Building upgrades incorporate (2) metal structures, an open front stockpiling shed and 191,000 bushels of grain receptacle stockpiling. The 80’x200′ metal shop building was worked in 2004. It is full solid floor, bright lights, roof fans, 110 and 220 electrical administration, and has a 80’x75′ shop region that is protected with floor warm. There is a 21’x25′ completed office with full restroom and studio flat finished the workplace. There is a 40’x20′ bi-crease entryway in the east divider, two 22’x20′ high electric overhead entryways in the south divider, and a 40’x200′ long open front lean-too on the south side of the building. There is a concrete stacking dock on the south east corner of the shop working to stack and empty hardware. There is a huge sliding entryway on the west mass of the warmed shop that opens into the hardware stockpiling zone that isn’t warmed. All office hardware, full line of shop instruments, every single extra part, and shop supplies are incorporated into the offer of the Jessen cultivate. They have a broad measure of provisions and hardware in the shop including their own water driven hose producer and an expansive steam more clean. The restroom has a washer and dryer for the loft. This is a cutting edge cultivate shop with a lot of shop space to keep the broad line of gear very much kept up. There is a full line of homestead gear, including yet not restricted to: pickups, semi tractors, and trailers that are a piece of the buy of the Jessen cultivate. There is 80’x175′ open front apparatus stockpiling building worked in 2009. It has electrical administration and a coal fiery debris floor. There is a 39’x71′ metal building worked in 1975. It is full solid floor with 110 and 220 volt electrical administration, glaring lights, and is completely protected with brilliant warmth. It has a 20’x12′ high overhead entryway in the east divider. This building is for the most part used to store a Case IH 4440 line trim sprayer amid the winter. It is additionally utilized for substance and seed stockpiling.

Grain stockpiling at this site incorporates 191,000 bushels. There are three 9,000 bu grain containers worked in 1970’s. They have full air floors and 8 inch empty twist drills and were as of late painted and fixed. There are two 1,000 bu cone base canisters, a 40,000 bu grain receptacle with 10 inch empty twist drill, two 36,000 bu containers with 10 inch empty, one 30,000 bu container with 8 inch empty, one 20,000 bu receptacle with 8 inch empty wood screw. There is fuel stockpiling at this site.

The third site is situated in part of the SE1/4SE1/4 of Section 36, T11N, R40W, Perkins County. It has a 1,360 SF home inherent 1927. It has 4 rooms and 2 washrooms with an incompletely outfitted cellar. There is a 40’x48′ wood outline utility building worked around 1950 with full solid floor and 110 volt electrical administration.

The fourth site is situated in the SW1/4 of Section 15, T11N, R41W, Perkins County and has a 1,343 SF 1.5 story house worked around 1923. The house has 4 rooms and 1 washroom and a mostly completed cellar. There is a 39’x64′ wood and steel outline utility building worked around 1968 with full solid floor and 110 volt electrical administration.

The fifth site is situated in part of the SE1/4 of Section 9, T7N, R40W, Chase County. It has a 60’x100′ metal shop building worked in 1978. The building has a full solid floor, 110 and 220 electrical administration, brilliant warmth, and 25’x25′ joined office with a washroom. There is a 68’x115′ quonset worked in 1982 with full solid floor. It is utilized for apparatus stockpiling yet was initially utilized for grain stockpiling (80,000 bu). This building has no electrical administration. Grain canisters at this site incorporate one 40,000 bu container worked in 1986, Two 11,000 bu receptacles, one 26,000 bu receptacle, and ten 10,000 bu receptacles. Every one of the receptacles were worked in the 70’s and 80’s, and are furnished with fractional air floors and 8 inch empty wood screws. There is a 1,000 bu cone base with a little grain dryer at this site. There

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