Piney River Ranch

History books contain minimal about the Vail Valley from the nineteenth century, however this September denotes the 150th commemoration of a visit from one of America’s chief adventurers — John Wesley Powell. In 1867, Major Powell, a Civil War veteran, wayfarer and geography teacher, left Illinois to start his trip to movement down the Colorado […]

5 Biggest Ranches in Texas

Cowpokes are perfectly healthy here in Texas, if to some degree less noticeable to the majority. 95% of land in Texas is exclusive, and it’s on a portion of the biggest plots of exclusive land that cows is as yet a wellspring of wage for some, numerous individuals. In spite of the fact that most […]

For Sale: Jessen Farm, Nebraska

  The ranch contains 1,627 deeded sections of land of focus rotate flooded cropland ( under 13 focus turns), 6,853 deeded sections of land of dry cropland including 31 sections of land of building locales. There are 3 homes, 4 expansive metal structures, various grain storerooms that hold more than 380,000 bushels, utility sheds and […]